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You're Some Crooked

Sample pages from "You're Some Crooked"

Did you ever play an Ugly Stick?
Have you worn warm wooly Vamps?
Did you ever have a Mug Up?
Has a Mummer ever played a tune for you?

Discover interesting words and things to do that you will only find in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Learn some fun and quirky sayings that you will not hear anywhere else. You might even spot a Crooked cat!



If the weatherís kind of foggy
And the ground is extra soggy

And all the air is sort of gray
You really canít see far away

It feels like rain is going to pour
But itís just mist and nothing more


Page 9




If you are out that time of day
When eveningís soon to go away

The sun is crawling into bed
The moon is not yet overhead

Itís not quite day and not quite night
Itís not quite dark and not quite light


Page 26

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