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The Great Ferryland Dig - Necie

Sample pages from "The Great Ferryland Dig"

Did you ever wonder what it was like to live hundreds of years ago? Now you can find out!

A place called the Colony of Avalon was discovered buried under the town of Ferryland, right here in Newfoundland and Labrador!

Let Baltimore the Beagle be your guide as he takes you on a trip into the past!



The fireplace had one more job
To heat the whole house through
It was large and made of stone
The walls and roof were too

The kitchen dinner table
Was covered with a mat
Some folks had wooden dishes
Can you imagine that?

You might have found a Puzzle Jug
Which made you stop and think
For you had to solve a puzzle
If you were to have a drink

Page 7

Necie NL Children's Books

Necie NL Children's Books 


Along with all the people
Around the Colony
Cats and dogs were kept as pets
To keep them company
Farm animals for milk and eggs
And horses they could ride
They stayed out in warm weather
But in winter came inside
Their home was in a Stable
With stone upon the floor
You can see it for yourself
When you come to explore

Page 13

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