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Pop's Rubber Boots - Necie

Sample pages from "Pop's Rubber Boots"

In days gone by, Newfoundland and Labrador fishermen would catch, clean, salt and dry fish by hand! Discover what drying fish is all about!

Fishermen didnít just catch fish. Find out the many other chores that kept them very busy in Newfoundland and Labrador long ago.


Pop fished all day to fill his boat
With fresh fish from the sea
A quick mug up his only break
With lassie bread and tea

Though the work is very hard
It always brings Pop joy
For he has loved the ocean
Since he was just a boy


Page 9

Pop's Rubber Boots Sample Page - Necie

 Pop's Rubber Boots Sample Page - Necie


Time to clean the piles of fish
Each and every one
Spread with salt then on the flake
To dry in wind and sun

Many times the fish are turned
For each side needs warm rays
All the family comes to help
As this takes many days

Page 13

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