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Bays, Bights and Tickles - Necie

Sample pages from "Bays, Bights and Tickles"

Did you know there are places in Newfoundland and Labrador with names like Kettle Cove, Noddy Bay, Indian Tickle and Happy Adventure?

Come along with Stewart the Seagull as he takes you to visit some of these wonderful places with such charming names! 


Maybe visit Hatchet Cove
Deep Bight and Georges Brook
A stop in Nicky’s Nose Cove
Cannot be overlooked

Caplin Cove and Trouty
Are places we could see
And Little Catalina
Tickle Cove and Trinity

Pop to Bonavista
When the sun is in the sky
Beth hikes to the lighthouse
To watch as ships pass by

Page 11

Bays, Bights and Tickles - Necie

Bays, Bights and Tickles - Necie 

We’ll head down to Hermitage
Pool’s Cove for a look
Muddy Hole and Ramea
Fox Roost and Coal Brook

By Jerry’s Nose and Three Rock Cove
Is Piccadilly Head
Where Peter fishes with his Pop
His boat is painted red

Bays, Bights and Tickles
Harbours, Guts and Coves
Brooks, Arms, Heads and Points
Now where shall we go?

Page 17

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